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Enterprise vision: It aims to create Sunrui Wind Turbine blade as a domestic top and high-tech advanced manufacturing enterprise focusing on wind turbine blade, composite material and product research & development, design, production, operation and maintenance.

Operating management philosophy

quality orientation, reputation first, excellence, mutual benefit and win-win


grasp the trend, lead the technology; be prepared for danger in times of peace, develop quickly; strengthen exchanges, expand the influence

Since 2008


Mainly engaged in research, production, sales and service of wind turbine blades, nacelle covers, 


the company has 15 kinds of 2MW series wind turbine blade products completely passed the GL or DEWI-OCC certification,develops a group of new blade products with completely independent intellectual properties such as 2MW-SR116-2110, 2MW- SR116-2300,2MW-SR120-2110, 2MW-SR120-2300, etc., leading the domestic 2.0MW product market. Besides,the company is developing the domestic longest 5.0MW offshore wind turbine blade.

R&D Ability

Research and development shall be the core of the development of a science and technology enterprise. Due to the awareness of the importance of research and development, Sunrui Wind Turbine blade set up independent research platform and R&D team at the beginning of its establishment and constantly improved R&D system. Now...

Manufacturing Base

Sunrui Wind Turbine blade has established blade production bases in three north regions successively such that products and services can be quickly provided to customers.

Service Content

Focus on professional, standardized service standards, provide users with professional page inspection, non-destructive inspection, tower inspection, blade maintenance and other professional services ...


Disseminate corporate brands and understand industry trends

Recently, the first SR156 blade of SUNRUI Blade Hami Branch of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 725 Institute smoothly rolled off the production line.
Recently, the first SR156 blade of SUNRUI Blade Hami Branch of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 725 Institute smoothly rolled off the production line.
This SR156 blade has a total length of 76 meters and belongs to the lightweight design elongated blade of low wind speed. The blade not only has the advantages of light weight and low cost, but also has the characteristics of large sweep area, high wind energy utilization rate and large power generation. In the process of blade development, with the support of Luoyang headquarters, SUNRUI Blade Hami Branch overcame the inconvenience of personnel and materials in Xinjiang caused by the suspension of trains due to the flood disaster in Henan Province and the local outbreak of epidemic. All the staff worked with one heart and one mind to overcome many difficulties to ensure the smooth production of the blade, fully showing the “Hami spirit” of “hard work and dedication”. 
Congratulations! SUNRUI Blade Successfully Finished the Static Test of First SR156 Blade
On April 12, 2021, the first SR156 blade that independently designed and developed by Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. has successfully left the assembly line at Yancheng base. Recently, the blade successfully completed a full-scale static test.
Congratulations! SUNRUI BladeSuccessfully Finished the Static Test of 102-meter Blade
On May 26, the first hundred-meter blade that independently designed and developed by SUNRUI Blade has finished the static test, which is highly affirmed by the certification company, and obtained the Blade Design Certification.

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