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Research And Development Assurance

Research And Development Assurance

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Research and development shall be the core of the development of a science and technology enterprise. Due to the awareness of the importance of research and development, Sunrui Wind Turbine blade set up independent research platform and R&D team at the beginning of its establishment and constantly improved R&D system. Now, the company owns one Henan Engineering laboratory and one Henan engineering technology research center and also builds technology laboratory, test laboratory, and structure design office; wherein the total construction area of research facilities is over 500㎡. The company can complete the whole R&D process including design, preparation and test of composite material structure parts under perfect R&D condition. The company has more than 50 R&D technical personnel respectively engaged in structure design, material development, etc. so as to lay a solid talent foundation for promoting the technical strength.

In terms of technological innovation, the company insists and vigorously encourages technological innovation, and also optimizes and upgrades the blade production and manufacturing process from many aspects. At present, the company has formed more than 20 proprietary technologies such as root fabricating technology, multi-type blades common mould technology, blade infusion deaeration technology, blade shear web PS adhering technology, blade trailing edge bonding optimization technology, blade root large-thickness composite material infusion white spot free technology, UD composite material curing zero-bulge technology, composite material curing heating control technology, wind turbine blade mass and static moment control technology, multi-type shear webs common mould technology, etc. which has applied for nearly 20 invention patents. The company greatly enhances the quality of the wind turbine blade on technology and also plays a critical role on cost reduction and manufacturing efficiency improvement.

The company continues to lead the industry technology development trends, gives customers exclusive customized design, and develops such wind turbine blades as low temperature type, strengthening type (resisting typhoon and strong wind), high altitude and ultra-low wind speed type, intelligent monitoring type, etc. to meet the needs of customers on blades under various complex conditions.


Research And Development Assurance