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Technical assurance

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Owing to the constantly innovated production process and the leading technical level for many years, the company has become the pioneer and leader for solving blade key technical problems.

Aspects including process technology design, technological process, technical index, process equipment, and process control are comprehensively innovated in all production links of wind turbine blades to form a new technology system with organically combined links such as blade design technology, material technology, manufacturing technology, inspection technology, operation and use technology, and service technology. The company uses advanced information technology parameter database and server to guarantee the data and information management of the technology system, the technical precipitation and heritage, and the product technology quality and also uses paperless technical parameter closed-loop transfer system to ensure that parameters of all products shall meet the design requirements.

For the problem of process dust which is hard to solve, the company independently designs and develops dust-free root end control equipment for reducing dust, increasing the production efficiency and greatly improving the working environment.

For the problem of resin infusion bubbles, the company systematically introduces resin deaeration equipment for separating gas and liquid through vacuum to completely eliminate bubbles dissolved in resin so as to greatly improve the infusion quality of products.

For the problem of mould gap control, the company develops a domestic leading PS integral positioning mould combination technology to absolutely solve the technical problem by subverting the traditional technical method so as to greatly enhance the adhering quality of products.

Now, the company has begun to carry out intelligent manufacturing technology so as to subsequently provide important guarantee for further improvement of product quality.