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Quality Assurance

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Perfect system is an important guarantee for maintaining good development of an enterprise. Sunrui Wind Turbine blade concentrates on technological innovation of the enterprise and also continuously strengthens the construction of quality, environment and vocational health and safety management system in the production process by adhering to the quality policy of “quality orientation, reputation first, excellence, mutual benefit and win-win” to create value for customers. Based on stable ISO9001 operation, the company implements excellent performance management mode, introduces TS16949 quality management system, improves enterprise performance and ability, creates balance value, and ultimately achieves permanent management and sustainable development.

The company equipped with advanced inspection equipment can completely inspect common defects on airfoil, material and composite material to provide an effective guarantee for product quality. For example, a three-dimensional laser tracker characterized in high efficiency and simple measurement and operation can inspect and monitor the mould geometry, which is suitable for the product with large size and high required precision like the wind turbine blade; an ultrasonic inspection device can be used to detect invisible defects which shall be more effective than the conventional vision and knocking methods. The test results are the quantitative data with better reference, accuracy and reliability.

The company has a young and energetic inspection team daring to insist on the principle, timely feeding back and supervising to correct the abnormal quality in the production process so as to escort for the product quality.