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The First SR172 I 28 Blade Successfully Rolled off Production Line in SUNRUI Blade Binzhou Branch
Recently, the first SR172 I 28 blade successfully rolled off production line in SUNRUI Blade Binzhou Branch, which marks that Binzhou Branch of Xiamen SUNRUI Wind Turbine Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the stage of large-scale production.
Another Breakthrough in Technical Marketing, New Order Creates a New High- SUNRUI Blade Won 1.8 Billion Large Order
Congratulations! SUNRUI Blade has Obtained China General Certification for SR210 Offshore Blade Lightning Protection System
  On Oct 26, 2021, Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as SUNRUI Blade) and China General Certification Center (Hereinafter referred to as China General Certification) held the “SR210 Blade Lightning Protection System Certification Ceremony” in SUNRUI Blade meeting room. Feng Wei, the vice-general manager of SUNRUI Blade, and Zhang Jinfeng, the vice-general manager of wind turbine department of China General Certification attended the Certification Ceremony together.


  SUNRUI Blade has been committed to the development of offshore wind turbine blades in recent years, and has been in a leading position in the development of ultra-long large megawatts. The SR210 Blade rolled off the production line on Feb 8, 2021 with a length of 102 m. It is currently the longest 10MW wind turbine blade in the world, and the first domestic wind turbine blade with a length of more than 100 m, which setting a new record for the length of domestic wind turbine blades.
  SR210 Blade uses a carbon-glass composite beam structure, which brings challenges to the design of lightning protection systems. This lightning protection system adopts a brand-new design, which takes into account the lightning protection requirements of glass fiber and carbon fiber, as well as the lightning connection efficiency and electric potential balance.
  The lightning protection system is tested in accordance with IEC 61400-24:2019 standard, and all the test items required by the standard are passed at one time. China General Certification Center conducted a comprehensive assessment of SR210 blade lightning protection system, determined that the lightning protection system reached LPL I protection level, and issued a Certification. This lightning protection system certification is Chinese first 100-meter-class wind turbine blade lightning protection system certification issued by China General Certification Center.
  At present, SR210 blade has completed the static test and fatigue test of key parts, and obtained the lightning protection system certification at the same time, laying the foundation for the next step of mass production.


Jiangsu SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. Successfully Passed Level II of Safety Production Standardization
  From Oct 28 to Oct 29, after a two-day on-site audit conducted by China Shipbuilding Corporation Safety Production Standardization Review Center, on the afternoon of the 29th, the review team announced that Jiangsu SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. had a total score of 82.09 points for the safety production standardization on-site review, and passed the Level II of Safety Production Standardization of group company.


  A group of five review experts organized by the review center conducted an on-site review of Level II Safety Production Standardization of Jiangsu SUNRUI. Through checking materials, inquiring personnel, on-site assessment and verification, the review team agreed that Jiangsu SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to safety production standardization. Since the establishment of standardization was fully launched, the continuous improvement of basic information, the implementation and rectification of on-site troubleshooting, and the investigation of potential safety hazards in teams and groups have been implemented in a planned manner, and the foundation of safety management has been further consolidated. At the same time, the review team also pointed out the problems found in the review, furthermore put forward suggestions on further improving the safety production responsibility system, strengthening equipment and facility management, implementing equipment and facility maintenance, spot inspections, repairs, leakage protection and dust-proof levels of substations and distribution boxes. The review team emphasized that in response to the problems found in the on-site review, it is necessary to clarify the implementation of responsibilities, draw inferences from one another, and actively promote rectification and improvement to achieve closed-loop management.


  The person in charge of safety of SUNRUI Blade expressed his gratitude to the review experts for their serious work, and pointed out that the issues raised by the review were professional and comprehensive. Each subsidiary (branch) company shall “reform within a limited time, and draw inferences from one another”, and do a good job in the implementation of rectification and reform of various issues. At the same time, it is emphasized that the company should take it as a new starting point and devote itself to establishing a long-term mechanism for safe production management.
  Before the formal review, SUNRUI Blade convened other subsidiary (branch) security personnel to carry out real-time tracking and learning in Jiangsu SUNRUI, taking it as an opportunity to improve the safety management level of Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd.


SUNRUI Blade participated in China Wind Power 2021 Exhibition