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Luoyang Sunrui Wind Blade Withstands Strong Typhoon

Luoyang Sunrui Wind Blade Withstands Strong Typhoon

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Not long ago, Super Typhoon Rammasun went offshore in Xuwen County, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province and wrecked great havoc on local wind power plants. After the Typhoon, partial wind power plants were left dilapidated, but wind blades produced by Luoyang Sunrui Wind Blade Co., Ltd. under CSIC 725 research institution stayed intact and ran without errors, which earned high approval on the part of customers.

Relevant principal of Luoyang Sunrui Wind Power Company indicated that several wind power plants just put into commissioning in Xuwen County were greatly damaged by wind force at the typhoon center. Draught fans were lying on all sides inflicted by Typhoon, some suffering a breakage of tower canister, some suffering falling of main engine and some blades suffering severe rupture from the root to the top.

However, Anhe Wind Power Plant in Xuwen County where Typhoon center was passing through still saw 25 draught fans standing tall and upright with blades staying intact. Draught fans invaded by super Typhoon were later recovered and generated power after overhaul, which forcefully backed up disaster relief work in the disaster-stricken areas. The 25 2-megawatt wind generating sets adopt 2-megawatt preflexed AD87 wind power blades produced by Luoyang Sunrui Company.

‘As the main part for bearing strength among wind power generation facilities, wind power blade is mainly used to fully receive wind energy and convert it to mechanical energy. When the overwhelming Typhoon approaches, it is most prone to be damaged.’ The principal said, indicating the products’ superb competence to resist against Typhoon as well as its high reliability as wind blades in Anhe Wind Power Plant in Xuwen County stayed intact despite the condition that most wind blades in other wind power plants were destructed

“Production of wind blades requires multiple work procedures with manual operation accounting for a high proportion and product being big in size, and many operations are irreversible, so potential quality hazards can submerge during production’. The principal said. Against the setting of industrial adjustment in the late years, the number of wind blade manufacturing companies shrinks to less than 20 from around 100, which is, to a large part, ascribed to quality issues.

Regarding this, research and development staffs in Luoyang Sunrui Wind Power Company comprehensively teased quality event cases on blade both in China and in foreign countries, optimized hundreds of work procedures during the blade manufacturing process and set up an independent, completed and all-sided quality management system. For now, Luoyang Sunrui Company takes 40% of marketing shares in terms of 2-megawatt segmented market in China and ranks in the first squad of comprehensive strength in the domestic blade industry. In the first half of this year, Luoyang Sunrui Company accomplished a contractual sum totaling 0.29 billion Yuan, up by 176% yoy. In the meantime, the Company has unfurled research and development on 2.5-5.0-megawatt wind blades and other perspective products in an effort to gradually realize horizontal and vertical development in seriation and reach an annual output of 2 billion Yuan by the end of the ‘12th Five-Year-Plan’. (By Zhang Yuexin, the reporter)

Luoyang Sunrui Wind Blade Withstands Strong Typhoon