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Luoyang Sunrui Wind Blade Project Kicks Off

Luoyang Sunrui Wind Blade Project Kicks Off

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On March, 10, project commencement ceremony of Dezhou Project Department in Luoyang Sungrui Wind Blade Co., Ltd. under CSIC was held. Zhai Changsheng, member of the municipal standing committee and standing deputy director, and Zhang Yingchang, Director of Administration Committee of Dezhou Economic and Technological Zone, attended the ceremony.

In his address, Zhai Changsheng pointed out that successful implementation of Luoyang Sunrui Wind Blade Co., Ltd project had important significance to further expand equipment manufacturing industry and boost industrial level in Dezhou. Dezhou Economic and Technological Zone should continue to reinforce its tracking services to provide first-grade investment environment to the Company. Relevant departments and organs directly under the municipality should show concerns to its development and initiatively furnish outstanding services. It is expected that Luoyang Sunrui Company would reinforce project management, carefully organize production and make new and bigger contributions to local economic advancement.

It is known that Phase I of the project would draw 0.22 billion Yuan in investment and is predicted to yield an annual value of production totaling over 1 billion upon investment and commissioning.

Luoyang Sunrui Wind Blade Project Kicks Off