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Congratulations! SUNRUI BladeSuccessfully Finished the Static Test of 102-meter Blade

Congratulations! SUNRUI BladeSuccessfully Finished the Static Test of 102-meter Blade

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On May 26, the first hundred-meter blade that independently designed and developed by SUNRUI Blade has finished the static test, which is highly affirmed by the certification company, and obtained the Blade Design Certification.

The blade’s length, loading force, and difficulty set new records in domestic large-scale blade test; The test blades were shipped from Luoyang SUNRUI Yancheng Subsidiary and traveled more than 2,000 kilometers to Guangdong Yangjiang Jianheng Offshore Wind Power Testing and Certification Center, which simultaneously refreshed the domestic transport length record for large blades.



The blade is matched with China offshore 10MW first-class wind zone unit. While ensuring excellent aerodynamic performance, SUNRUI Blade uses innovative designs and techniques such as composite beams and trailing edge prefabricated aerodynamic components, to ensure the safety and reliability of the blades as well as achieve the optimal weight. In manufacturing process, the quality is strictly controlled in each process, and the various process difficulties that appear after the large-scale process such as layup, perfusion, pneumatic component prefabrication and installation, and blade root size shrinkage control have been effectively broken through. The product quality is excellent; the static test verification, strain and displacement data collection provide a solid foundation and valuable experience for the development of the follow-up innovation work of SUNRUI Blade.

The 102-meter blade is another breakthrough of SUNRUI Blade in the field of offshore wind power blades after the 83.6-meter blade was launched in 2017; is an important product to help to achieve “peak carbon dioxide emissions”, “carbon neutrality” goals and the “14th five-year plan” new energy development goals. It has a great strategic significance for SUNRUI Blade to further expand its product structure and continue to contribute to the development of the industry. The one-time success of the static test confirmes SUNRUI Blade’s international leading and reliable blade R&D and manufacturing capabilities.