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Another Breakthrough in Technical Marketing, New Order Creates a New High- SUNRUI Blade Won 1.8 Billion Large Order

Another Breakthrough in Technical Marketing, New Order Creates a New High- SUNRUI Blade Won 1.8 Billion Large Order

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Recently, under the careful guidance and strong support of the leaders and functional departments, Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. and China Shipbuilding Group Haizhuang Wind Power Co., Ltd. completed the signing of offshore wind power blade sales contract. The contract value exceeded 1.8 billion Yuan, setting a new record for the single contract value of SUNRUI Blade, and achieved a good start to new year.

SUNRUI Blade has continuously improved technological innovation capabilities under the strategic guidance of innovation leadership, simultaneous development of land and sea, and vigorously develop to sea. After nearly 3 years of concentrated research and development, SUNRUI Blade achieved domestic first 100-meter offshore wind power blade SR210 in February 2021. After passing the comprehensive test, the prototype was shipped in October 2021, becoming the offshore wind power product of single-power with the largest swept area and the highest wind energy conversion efficiency in the world, continuing to achieve the leadership of offshore wind power technology. The series of products formed by this blade are another powerful tool for the company to seize the offshore wind power blade market, and also help China Haizhuang to achieve important market breakthroughs in offshore parity era.

We are about to usher in the 20th National People’s Congress of the Communist Party of China, under the guidance of national dual carbon goal (carbon dioxide emissions peak in 2030, carbon dioxide neutrality in 2060), the wind power industry has entered a new stage of development. 2022 is the first year of full parity for offshore wind, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. The signing of this large order for offshore wind power products opens up a good situation for the company in 2022, lays a solid foundation for the successful completion of “14th Five-Year Plan” goals, contributes to the high-quality development of 725 Research Institute, and contributes to the development of wind power industry chain of the group company.