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SUNRUI Blade SR 220 Blade Mass Production Delivery

SUNRUI Blade SR 220 Blade Mass Production Delivery

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On June 15, the first set of SR220 wind turbine blades with a length of 107 meters was successfully shipped in Jiangsu Sheyang Port. The SR220 blade independently developed by SUNRUI Blade is one of the star products that the same as the first 100-meter-class SR210 blade launched by the company in February 2021.

In the process of developing SR220 blade at Jiangsu Yancheng Base, faced with a series of unfavorable factors such as port closure, transportation interruption, and mold delivery time lag caused by the sudden epidemic, the members of the project team worked together to overcome the difficulties and went all out to fight for more than 30 consecutive days, which ensures the successful trial production of SR220 blade and the delivery of the first set on schedule. On the basis of mass production of SR210 blade, the company will mass-produce the SR220 series products.

The successful delivery of the blades benefited from SUNRUI Blade’s leading offshore blade design and development capabilities and SUNRUI blade mature agile development system, which fully guaranteed the reliability of blade development. During the development of SR220 blade, relying on blade aerodynamics, structure, process and support, and the coordination of production teams, the members used risk management tools such as FMEA to identify development risks and make various plans in advance. In terms of process development, following the principle of “decisive battle at the start”, the development team relies on the leading second-generation pultrusion beam infusion technology, accurate laying design of hyperboloid materials, mold clamping gap control, complex structure heat transfer and rapid curing technology, only half a month, then successfully completed the first set of SR220 blade product manufacturing, which raising the original large blade development efficiency level to a new height.

In recent years, SUNRUI Blade has successfully developed a variety of offshore blades with the industry-leading R&D and production capacity, and the comprehensive strength is leading in China. In the future, SUNRUI Blade will adhere to the strategic guidance of “innovation and leadership, develop both land and sea, and strengthen to the sea”, continue to cultivate wind power new energy business, enhance the core competitiveness of wind power, and do the best to the achievement of “dual-carbon goal” and high-quality development with advanced technology R&D and lean manufacturing capabilities.