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“Hydrogen” wind is slowly dawning! SUNRUI Blade debuts at FCVC 2024 with Three Carbon Fiber Winding Hydrogen Storage Cylinders.

“Hydrogen” wind is slowly dawning! SUNRUI Blade debuts at FCVC 2024 with Three Carbon Fiber Winding Hydrogen Storage Cylinders.

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From June 4 to June 6, 2024 International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference and Exhibition (FCVC 2024) was held at Shanghai Automotive Exhibition Center as scheduled, with the theme of "Focus on Innovation, Hydrogen for the Future - Firmly Promote the High-quality Development of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicles", the conference attracted top developers in the field of hydrogen energy, governmental organizations, investors, automobile manufacturers and representatives of industrial chain enterprises from more than 20 countries and regions.

Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. (for short “SUNRUI Blade”) debuts at the conference with Three Carbon Fiber Winding Hydrogen Storage Cylinders, which attracted great attention from the guests. The three products are:

70MPa-420L Fully wrapped carbon fiber reinforced composite gas cylinders with aluminum alloy liners, length ≤ 3.5m, outer diameter ≤ 550mm, designed according to GB/T35544 and Classification Society Standards, can be used in hydrogen storage and transportation fields such as vehicles, ships, wind power hydrogen production/energy storage, etc., the product adopts aluminum liner carbon fiber full-winding structure, light weight, high hydrogen storage density, no risk of hydrogen embrittlement, and can be customized according to customer requirements;

35MPa-210L hydrogen storage cylinder for vehicle, length 2170mm, outer diameter 415mm, weight 112kg, the product implementation standard is GB/T35544;

Heat Resistant 400-75L Carbon Fiber Wrapped Cylinder

Since 2015, with the strong support of the Group and the 725 Institute, SUNRUI Blade has continued to carry out technology research and development, successively breaking through 35MPa-140L, 70MPa-140L, 60MPa-410L and other fiber-wound gas cylinder technologies, and established a complete set of technical capabilities for fully independent high-pressure winding gas cylinders.

This year's 35MPa-165L and 35MPa-210L Carbon Fiber Winding Hydrogen Storage Cylinders are designed and manufactured in full accordance with the national standard, and have passed the national special equipment design appraisal and a full set of type tests (including hydrogen cycle test), with a high safety coefficient, which is the mainstream demand in the market at present, and can be efficiently matched with the vehicle hydrogen supply system.

SUNRUI Blade has a complete set of "B3 pressure vessel- fiber-wound gas cylinder" production equipment and certification qualifications, and the equipment capacity covers the whole process of liner manufacturing, winding forming, inspection and testing of fiber-wound gas cylinders. In the future, SUNRUI Blade will adhere to customer demand-oriented, deeply cultivate the field of fiber-wound gas cylinders, accelerate technological innovation iterations, deploy supply capacity in advance, open up upstream and downstream industrial chains, cooperate with partners for win-win results, and jointly promote the entire industrial chain development of hydrogen power advanced equipment, promote the adjustment and optimization of energy structure with technological innovation, and help the smooth realization of the "3060" dual carbon goals.