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The World's Longest Wind Turbine Blade SUNRUI SR260 Rolled Off The Production Line

The World's Longest Wind Turbine Blade SUNRUI SR260 Rolled Off The Production Line

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Following the successful development of SR236 blades in Shandong Binzhou base in November, SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Corporation once again ushered in the world's longest SR260 blade in Jiangsu Yancheng base on December 24. The advent of this SR260 blade will continue to contribute to offshore wind power with SUNRUI blade solution.

The development of SR260 blades is a strategic measure of SUNRUI to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the group company to vigorously develop clean energy. Under the guidance and strong support of the group company and the 725 Institute, SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Corporation insists on innovation and leadership, strives for the future, and works hard and bravely in the field of wind power blades. In recent years, the company has successively created the longest wind power blade SR171 in China, the first domestic 100-meter-level blade SR210, the first domestic mass-produced 100-meter-level blade SR220 and the extended SR236, as well as this time the world’s longest Long blade SR260. Every extension of the blade length represents the ultimate pursuit of technological progress and the persistent adherence to the brand of SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Corporation’s employees.

The impeller diameter of the SR260 blade reaches 260 meters, and the swept area of the blade exceeds 53,000 square meters, which is equivalent to the area of 7.4 standard football fields. With the full support of the customer, the project team realized the aeroelastic stability design and structural lightweight design of the ultra-long and flexible blade during the blade development process, breaking through many technological barriers such as the overall molding of carbon fiber pultrusion board and the perfusion of the ultra-long blade shell. In the process of trial production of new products, team members have always been adhering to the Hami spirit of hard work and dedication, and successively moved to multiple bases. With the strong assistance of Binzhou and Yancheng bases, the team worked together to overcome all difficulties and successfully completed the development of SR260 blades. Difficulties show courage, hard work leads to success, the smooth roll-off of the blade embodies the sweat and wisdom of all employees of SUNRUI.

This type of blade will be installed in the world's largest single-unit power 18MW offshore unit that is about to roll off the production line of CSSC Haizhuang Windpower. SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Corporation will contribute to supporting the high-quality development of China State Shipbuilding Corporation's wind power industry together with CSSC Haizhuang Windpower, and help the group company to further optimize and strengthen the wind power industry chain. Under the guidance of the group company's high-quality development strategy, relying on the technical accumulation and profound cultural heritage of the 725 Institute in the field of composite materials for more than 60 years, SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Corporation will practice the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, stand at a new starting point, and forge ahead journey. Adhere to the policy of leading by innovation, developing both land and sea, and being strong in the sea, continue to contribute SUNRUI’s wisdom to the wind power industry, and make new contributions to the realization of the 30·60 strategic goal.