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Congratulations! SUNRUI Blade has Obtained China General Certification for SR210 Offshore Blade Lightning Protection System

Congratulations! SUNRUI Blade has Obtained China General Certification for SR210 Offshore Blade Lightning Protection System

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  On Oct 26, 2021, Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as SUNRUI Blade) and China General Certification Center (Hereinafter referred to as China General Certification) held the “SR210 Blade Lightning Protection System Certification Ceremony” in SUNRUI Blade meeting room. Feng Wei, the vice-general manager of SUNRUI Blade, and Zhang Jinfeng, the vice-general manager of wind turbine department of China General Certification attended the Certification Ceremony together.


  SUNRUI Blade has been committed to the development of offshore wind turbine blades in recent years, and has been in a leading position in the development of ultra-long large megawatts. The SR210 Blade rolled off the production line on Feb 8, 2021 with a length of 102 m. It is currently the longest 10MW wind turbine blade in the world, and the first domestic wind turbine blade with a length of more than 100 m, which setting a new record for the length of domestic wind turbine blades.
  SR210 Blade uses a carbon-glass composite beam structure, which brings challenges to the design of lightning protection systems. This lightning protection system adopts a brand-new design, which takes into account the lightning protection requirements of glass fiber and carbon fiber, as well as the lightning connection efficiency and electric potential balance.
  The lightning protection system is tested in accordance with IEC 61400-24:2019 standard, and all the test items required by the standard are passed at one time. China General Certification Center conducted a comprehensive assessment of SR210 blade lightning protection system, determined that the lightning protection system reached LPL I protection level, and issued a Certification. This lightning protection system certification is Chinese first 100-meter-class wind turbine blade lightning protection system certification issued by China General Certification Center.
  At present, SR210 blade has completed the static test and fatigue test of key parts, and obtained the lightning protection system certification at the same time, laying the foundation for the next step of mass production.