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SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Corporation’s Binzhou Base Holds MES Promotion Project Kick-off Meeting

SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Corporation’s Binzhou Base Holds MES Promotion Project Kick-off Meeting

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Recently, SUNRUI held a MES promotion project kick-off meeting in Binzhou base, which was hosted by Zhang Zhen, Vice Minister of Digital Development Department. Members of the project leadership team, members of the Project Management Office (PMO) of the project team, the project manager of Tongliao base and the project manager of Xinxing base also attended this meeting.

In 2022, Shuangrui Wind Power focused on promoting the speed of digital transformation, driven by lean concepts, independent technological innovation, to create a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in the wind power blade industry. Through the MES Phase I project in Yancheng base, the full monitoring, transparency, scheduling intelligence and decision-making data of the production process has been achieved, laying a solid foundation for the construction of the base digital factory. The MES promotion project aims to reuse Yancheng base experience, promote the standardization and standardization of production business, quickly improve the base production operation management level, improve wind power blade production efficiency, reduce blade manufacturing molding cycle, and improve product quality.

At the project launch, Wang Xinwen, project manager of Binzhou base of SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Corporation, introduced the MES promotion project objectives, business scope, organizational structure, project roles and corresponding responsibilities.

Hu Kai, director of MES promotion project, mobilized the project team and made implementation suggestions to the project team from four aspects: playing the role of PMO team, reuse of Yancheng base experience, adequate system testing and practice, and advance preparation of O&M team resources.

Wang Lei, deputy general manager of the whole corporation, emphasized the importance of the MES promotion project in his speech, pointing out that as the main user of the MES system, the production department staff must take the initiative to take responsibility and actively participate in the project. In the implementation process, we should adhere to the principle of "more communication, first implementation, then optimization" to ensure that the project can be successfully promoted.

Finally, Dong Jialin, deputy general manager of the whole corporation, reviewed the results of Jiangsu Shuangrui MES Phase I project and hoped that the Binzhou base members could learn from the experience accumulated in the Yancheng MES project and complete the promotion project with high quality, and asked the Binzhou base members to deeply understand the significance of the project and fully understand that the MES promotion project is a re-change and improvement of the production and operation mode, while upholding the empty glass mentality, and the principle of "promotion as the main focus, optimization as a supplement" to complete the MES Phase I content as a priority.

As an important part of the digital factory, the MES system is responsible for improving product quality and production efficiency. Relying on the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), the company plans 5G application and workshop IOT to promote the "new industrial infrastructure", changing the previous single machine automation mode of man-machine separation and realizing the leap forward of full time equipment data collection and workshop-level soft and hard intelligence integration.

The Binzhou base MES promotion project kick-off meeting, is not only a review and summary of the company's digital transformation in 2022, but also a look into the future, the mobilization of further success, the next, SUNRUI will continue to refine and improve the MES promotion project plan, accelerate the project construction deployment, while continuing to Binzhou, Xinxing and other production bases for digital factory upgrades, to help the company's "14th Five-Year Plan" to achieve high quality and efficiency, to make more contributions to the construction of a strong manufacturing country, a strong quality country.