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SUNRUI Blade First Training Class of “Swan” Talent Training Program Held the Opening Ceremony

SUNRUI Blade First Training Class of “Swan” Talent Training Program Held the Opening Ceremony

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Recently, SUNRUI Blade “Swan” Talent 3-year Training Program (Hereinafter referred to as “Swan” Talent Program) held the opening ceremony in head office Luoyang. Company General Manager Shi Junhu, Party Branch Secretary Tan Huizhong, Deputy General Managers Zheng Yonghong, Li Xiaomin, Dong Jialin, and Feng Wei attended the ceremony; Trainees of the first training class, heads of relevant functional departments and heads of various bases participated in the opening ceremony.

On behalf of the Company, Shi Junhu first welcomed the arrival of the “Swan” Talent Program students, introduced the basic situation of China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, 725 Research Institute and the company to the students, and by reviewing the company’s several leap-forward developments over the past ten years, explained the irreplaceable role played by highly educated talents in the company’s development process. Shi Junhu pointed out in his speech: at the 75th United Nations General Assembly, General Secretary Xi Jinping promised that China will reach “peak carbon dioxide emissions” by 2030 and achieve “carbon neutrality” by 2060. As an important part of new energy, the wind power industry market has huge benefits, and the wind power industry will usher in major development opportunities again. As the first echelon member of the domestic wind power industry, as well as the leader of offshore wind power technology, SUNRUI Blade needs to further strengthen technological innovation, improve personnel efficiency, strengthen team building, and improve development quality. Under the company’s 14th five-year plan and development strategy, through the “Swan” Talent Program, cultivate a group of important forces for the company to support the realization of its development strategy and development goals; It is hoped that the trainees can grasp the dual channels of personal career development provided by the company for personnel positions, and through continuous efforts to improve themselves, combine with their own professional expertise to choose the development direction, quickly grow and quickly integrate into SUNRUI Blade family.

At the end of the speech, Shi Junhu put forward his expectations and requirements to the young students earnestly: First, change roles as soon as possible to adapt to the company. Aware that “employees and unit share good and bad times, unit and employees develop together”, adapt to the transition from school to work, from classmates to comrades, from learning to work, adapt to the competitive environment of “no progress simply means regression”, establish a sense of crisis, and adapt to the company’s cultural atmosphere of pursuing excellence, and not give up lightly when encountering problems and difficulties. Second, learn to collaborate and work in teams. Be a good member of the team and play your own role well without affecting the overall effectiveness of the team. Firmly establish political awareness, overall situation awareness, core awareness, and alignment awareness, and place individual where it is most suitable and can maximize strength. Third, have the mentality of studious, keep learning, and improve yourself. All theory comes from practice. The theoretical knowledge learned in school should be practiced and learned continuously in work, learn from colleagues and advanced backbones with humility. At the same time, have innovative ideas, ideas for change, ideas for improvement in work, and improve the ability to find problems.

SUNRUI Blade “Swan” Talent 3-year Training Program (Hereinafter referred to as “Swan” Talent Program) actively implements the high-quality development strategy requirements of the Group and 725 Research Institute, which consolidates the results of “improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency” to meet the company’s “14th Five-Year Plan” development needs for talents; It is planned to use three years to cultivate a group of technical and management reserve cadres that can better adapt to the requirements of the new era, meet the needs of the company’s production management for overall improvement, and establish an elite training project that requires a talent echelon for the development of SUNRUI Blade.