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SUNRUI Blade Won the 3rd Henan Province Patent Award

SUNRUI Blade Won the 3rd Henan Province Patent Award

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SUNRUI Blade Won the 3rd Henan Province Patent Award


(Correspondent: Wang Wenfei) Recently, the invention patent “a diversion method of composite material vacuum infusion molding process” invented by SUNRUI Blade won the second prize of the 3rd Henan Province Invention Patent Award. This is the first time that SUNRUI Blade has won the honor of Henan Province Patent Award.

Henan Province Patent Award aims to deeply implement the innovation-driven development strategy, encourage invention and creation, and promote the protection and utilization of intellectual property rights; The Award has stable selection status, high creation quality, good application efficiency, and strong protection ability for patent. The Award will be given to the patents that achieve better economic benefits after implementation.

Since the establishment of SUNRUI Blade, the company has attached great importance to the development of independent core technologies and the protection of intellectual property rights. Through unremitting efforts, we have formed a number of core technologies, moreover plan patent group to protect the core technology, and have applied for more than 100 patents.

Through the transformation and implementation of core technologies and patents, we will continue to promote product technological progress, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality, which will effectively guarantee the smooth implementation of development strategy, realize the transformation from “parallel running” in onshore wind turbine blade product technology to “leading” in offshore wind turbine blade product technology, and achieve better economic benefits.




Henan Province Patent Award



In order to commend the winner of Henan Province Patent Award, hereby issued the Certificate.


Patent name: a diversion method of composite material vacuum infusion molding process

Patent No. ZL201010595147.1

Patentee: Luoyang SUNRUI Wind Turbine Blade Co., Ltd.

Inventor/designer: Lin Ming, Li Hua and Shi Junhu

Award level: second prize



The Peoples Government of Henan Province (Seal)

April 8, 2022

Certificate No. 2021-50-E-18-01