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SUNRUI Blade is unveiled at the 2023 China Wind Power

SUNRUI Blade is unveiled at the 2023 China Wind Power

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On October 17-19, China Wind Power (CWP2023), the largest and influential event of wind power in the world, was held at China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Pavilion) as scheduled. After a lapse of two years, SUNRUI Blade once again organized a delegation with the wind power industry chain units of China Shipbuilding Corporation to appear in the wind energy exhibition, jointly displaying the cutting-edge technologies and products of the industry chain, and drawing a blueprint for the high-quality development of the wind power industry.

The theme of this year's conference is "Building a Global Stable Supply Chain and Building a New Future of Energy Transformation". Under this theme, the conference issued the Declaration on Supply Chain Security of Global Wind Power Industry Chain. On the first day of the exhibition, the wind power industry chain of China Shipbuilding Corporation also issued the Declaration on High-quality Development. SUNRUI Blade, as a representative of the industrial chain unit, participated in the launching ceremony of the Declaration on High-quality Development, declaring that it will base itself on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and fully implement the high-quality development strategy of China Shipbuilding Corporation. Adhere to efficiency priority, innovation-driven, coordinated development, reform and upgrading, promote the formation of a good situation in which the upstream and downstream advantages of the industrial chain complement each other, work together and make concerted efforts, and contribute wisdom and strength to accelerating green transformation and building a beautiful China.

SUNRUI Blade has always been guided by technological innovation and market demand, based on the coordinated development advantages of the Group's wind power industry chain and the technical advantages in the field of composite materials research of 725 institute, in-depth development of the whole process capacity building of blade R&D, design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance services, and developed wind power blade products covering all major mainstream power ranges of 1.5MW-18MW land and sea. In this exhibition, SUNRUI Blade demonstrated the whole life cycle technology and service solutions of wind power blade operation to the whole industry with the help of theme exhibition boards and multimedia large screens, and presented the comprehensive strength and achievements of the company in the field of R&D, production and service of wind power blades in an all-round way, covering star products such as 126-meter SR260 blades that set a new record for the length of offshore wind power blades in the world, lightning protection technology of carbon fiber composite products, filling of ultra-long blade shells and other key technologies, and whole life cycle operation and maintenance service capabilities, which attracted many professionals in the industry to watch the exhibition.

As one of the largest annual events of the global wind power industry, Wind Energy Exhibition has become an important platform for strengthening exchanges, deepening cooperation and leading innovation in the industry. During the exhibition, under the leadership of the company's leaders, SUNRUI Blade actively expanded its "circle of friends", introduced the company's core technologies and products, and communicated with domestic and foreign customers on hot issues such as blade innovation and iteration, new material research and development and substitution, and digital integration application, striving to create a new marketing situation.

Fifteen years ahead of the windSUNRUI Blade is accelerating its development towards higher quality. In the future, the Company will continue to thoroughly implement the Group's high-quality development strategic plan, adhere to the simultaneous development of land and sea, strive for excellence on sea, join hands with all units of the Group's wind power industry chain, build a technical foundation to lead the development of the wind power industry, accelerate the iteration of technological innovation, continuously provide products with good performance, excellent quality and strong reliability for the industry, and join hands with peers to jointly safeguard the resilience and stability of the wind power industry chain supply chain and contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of a zero-carbon society.