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Good news| Jiangsu SUNRUI won the title of "Jiangsu 5G Factory"

Good news| Jiangsu SUNRUI won the title of "Jiangsu 5G Factory"

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Recently, Industry and Information Technology Department of Jiangsu released "2023 Jiangsu Province 5G Factory Project List Announcement", and Jiangsu SUNRUI is on the list.

After three months of careful preparation after receiving the project application notice in June, Jiangsu SUNRUI finally stood out in the fierce competition of more than 100 enterprises in the province under the strict examination of the provincial expert review team, and became the only selected unit in Dafeng District. This honor is another honorary title of digital transformation after the company won the title of "Yancheng Municipal Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop", which is a full affirmation of the company's digital transformation work.

As an important implementation of the three-year action plan of Jiangsu provincial government on promoting intelligent transformation and digital transformation of manufacturing industry, Jiangsu Province 5G Factory Project is committed to promoting manufacturing enterprises to use 5G technology to transform equipment or systems with specific scenarios such as mobile deployment, flexible operation and remote control, focusing on specific links such as R&D and design, manufacturing, inspection and monitoring, warehousing and logistics, and operation management, thus sprouting a new model of manufacturing factory construction and forming typical demonstration and experience promotion in the industry.

In recent years, SUNRUI Blade has closely followed the national strategic deployment of the "14th Five-Year Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing Development", carried out digital transformation in an all-round way, and is committed to building a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in the wind power industry. SUNRUI Blade 5G Factory makes full use of the new generation of information and communication technology represented by 5G technology to build a new industrial Internet infrastructure. By building new factory-level production sites, we will form advanced factories where production units are widely connected, information (IT) operations (OT) are deeply integrated, data elements are fully utilized, and innovative applications are efficiently empowered.

The construction of SUNRUI Blade 5G industrial network, the smooth implementation of factory-level Internet of Things platform integration, and the cooperation with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) have successfully realized the deep integration of automatic collaborative workshop overall operation, monitoring and scheduling, and the depth of intelligent integration of workshop hardware and software equipment. Yancheng Base realizes the transformation of production management and control mode by digital means, accelerates the construction of a new ecology of digital transformation, and helps the factory to reduce costs, improve quality and ensure safe production, which is the best interpretation of SUNRUI Blade's application of Industry 4.0 technology.

SUNRUI Blade will actively implement the strategic deployment of the "14th Five-Year Plan for Intelligent Manufacturing Development", take the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy as the main line, closely follow the "5G Fully Connected Factory" guide of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, continue to further promote the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing, optimize the whole production process by relying on digital transformation, and build new competitive advantages for the company's development.